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Due to a Japanese holiday, the first weekly update in May will be moved to Monday, May 2nd. Starting on the second week of May, we will be returning to our regular Wednesday updates. Thank you for your understanding.

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Staff: Candi

This epic saga about an average Japanese girl and a sheikh has to be one of the most romantic series available on Renta! It starts of like many sheikh stories: with a kidnapping. The main character, Sakura, and her father are abducted by Far, the prince of a faraway kingdom. At first, Sakura despises Far, but once she learns the motivation for his actions, she finds herself falling in love with him. The two of them are really suited two each other, and are very much in love, but they are constantly faced with obstacles which they have to overcome. However, their love never wavers, and they always manage to stay together. This is a must for those among you that love a happy ending, and at four volumes, it should keep you going for a while.

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