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Welcome to Renta!

Renta! is an e-Books rental store that provides thousandes of e-Books!! You can rent original Japanese Manga anytime at reasonable prices, from 100 yen (about 1 dollar) per one. You can read e-Books on various devices such as PC, iPhone, Android smartphone and tablets.

Reading e-books on Renta!, the latest Adobe Flash Player must be installed.

  • PC Operating System / Browser
OS:Winodws 2000.XP,Vista / Browser:Internet Explorer
OS:Mac OS X / Browser:Safari

  • Internet
ADSL or Broadbands are recommended.

  • Click here to get free Adobe Flash Player

You need to create your account on Renta! to rent e-Books.
Please register from here.
You only need to input your e-mail address, password and nickname.

We accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Diners) and PayPal.

   1. Input your Credit Card information
   2. Confirm how many tickets you've purchased
   3. Click the purchase button

The payment will be only processed on your credit card in Japanese yen when you purchase tickets.
The charge will appear on your billing statement under the heading "PAPYLESS CO., LTD." which is the company name of Renta!.
The issuer of your credit card will convert the total amount of your purchase into your local currency.

 Please create your account on PayPal and complete to register and confirm your credit card information in advance.
 Access to the following site in more detail.

  1. Click "Next" button, so jump to Paypal site.
  2. Login to Paypal.(*at paypal site)
  3. Click "Continue", after you checked your information.(*at paypal site)
  4. Click "Purchase Order" after confirming the payment of ticket(s) price.
  5. Your purchase is finished.

Rental Price 1 ticket for 105yen~ tax incl.
Rental Period 2 options are available / 48 hours Rental or No Limit Rental
The exceptions are included.
The exceptions are included
Rental Period and Rental Price are various. Please make sure each of them on Renta! before your purchase.
For the copyright protection problems, even during the No-limit Rental Period, you may not browse our Manga any more on your PC, we promise it at least 1 year. Please make sure before your rent.

  • Extend Your Rental Period

You can rent e-books for 48hours at reasonable price.
In 48 hours rental, you can read your rental books for only 48hours.
If you like it and want to read it permanently, you can change your rental period 48 hours to No limit only to pay the balance.
*This system is only available during your rental period. Once your rental period is expired, you have to pay the list price.
*Some titles cannot be extended. You can see "Extended Available" in the detail page of each titles if you can extend the rental period.

  • Ticket Option
1 ticket 105yen tax incl.
3 tickets 315yen tax incl.
10 tickets 1050yen tax incl.
30 tickets 3150yen tax incl.
*Tickets expire one year after your last purchase.

After reading the free samples, you may have found the e-Books you'd like to rent, Click "Rental" bottom.
e-Book will be pop-up automatically, it is very simple for your reading. You can read your renting e-Books as much as you want during the rental period.
Please enter your "Rental list" and click "Read" button of the e-book.

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